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Monday, April 26, 2004

I apologize for not writing during the past 4 days. I was camping in Wadi El Natroon (natroon valley) in the western desert of Egypt. I enjoyed my stay there. The weather was crazy; it was so hot in the morning and freezing at night. The best thing however was staying away from news! However, I couldn’t help but ask myself questions like I’m wondering what Muqty is doing, how was the terrorist crucible Fallujah doing, how many coalition troops were killed, were there any crazy terrorist bombings that claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent Iraqis, etc.

Upon my return I tried to get a summary of what happened in those 4 days. It was all bad news as usual. The only positive thing was the fact that some residents in Najaf were beginning to voice their opposition to Muqty and his thugs. I presume that his failure to guarantee the full backing of prominent religious leaders in the “Shitte Vatican” encouraged this sprinkle of opposition. For example, an unknown group started circulating leaflets denouncing the mahdy army and they even attacked one of their posts. My only advice to the coalition is this: don’t attack Najaf, don’t attack Najaf, don’t attack Najaf. I’ll keep saying it until I faint.

Attacking Najaf would inflame shittes sensitivities and alienate Sistani. And of course I suppose you already know that loosing Sistani means loosing Iraq. Let Sistani and the Shitte Vatican handle Muqty.

An awesome article about Iraq is here. It’s a must read.


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