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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Some people contacted me asking if I would start a blog from Egypt. I believe that is a very good idea and I would try to incorporate Egyptian affairs as much as possible. However, right now I can’t get Iraq out of my mind. It is the most important development project in the modern history of the Middle East. Iraq is everything now. The success of reform in the region depends solely on how successful Iraq turns out to be.

I hate to start my blog with a negative note but I cannot avoid commenting on the latest brutal killing of one of the Italian hostages. I was not surprised. They did it to Richard Pearl in Pakistan and they are doing it again in Iraq. The forces of evil will not relent until they turn Iraq into hell. Those people are fighting for nothing except their own sadistic ideologies. I am 100% sure that those are the same people who bombed the Red Cross, the UN, and the Shias during their most holy day. Those are the same people who are ready to sacrifice their life in order to kill a couple of poor Iraqi soldiers guarding a police station in Falluja or Kurds in Kirkuk. They are the radical thugs who are now exploiting the humiliation felt by the Baath supporters in Fallujah and Ramadi and have until now been successful in winning them over.

Getting rid of them will be very difficult especially since those areas where left to accumulate thugs from outside and inside Iraq. In the name of “not wanting to incite violence”, the US left those towns without a fight and they are busting the bee hive right now. The fight in Fallujah was always there and it would continue to be there even if the US didn’t move against the insurgents in those towns. Those people did not accept what the majority of Iraqis accepted which is a diplomatic way to end the occupation until elections in January 2005. To be more frank, they will not accept anything. If God Himself left His highest heaven and came to rule Iraq after the fall of Saddam, those murderers will not accept Him. This is the reason why crushing them is an integral part in Iraq’s road to recovery. If the coalition didn’t do it now, the new Iraqi government will have to do it later. However, the bee hive will multiply exponentially by the time a new strong Iraqi government is in place.

There is still a dilemma. I believe with all my heart that the vast majority of “Sunni triangle” residents want a peaceful life in a new Iraq. And my heart is squashed every time one of those innocent people looses his/her life. It is too bad that the thug hive is really concentrated in their area. I pray that the fighting will end with the minimum loss in innocent lives as possible.

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