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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

We don’t deserve it

Events in Basra today and the breakup of the ceasefire in Fallujah forced me once again to start believing that the US and its coalition lost the war. No, no, I don’t mean loosing the war militarily, but loosing the war over the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. I feel so sorry for the US and I can’t express anything but deep appreciation for their efforts to do the impossible, which is to fight a guerilla war and reconstruct a country at the same time. It is so difficult to build and fight an all out war at the same time. The Marshal Plan came after the end of World War 2 and not right in its middle.
The coalition is loosing the hearts and minds simply because Al-Jazerah focuses upon how many civilians were killed and how many mosques were blown up. It totally ignores stories such as the new power station that employs hundreds of Iraqis or the new women rights group that the coalition helped to organize. In addition, Iraqis, just like everyone else in the region, are taught that no westerner will offer any help without sucking something back and no educated Iraqi dares to offer an alternative view lest he be shot at his house doorstep. The situation is very grim because if the US lost the hearts and minds of the shias, its game over. Al-Jazerah knows that very well, this is why they dispatched their most radical correspondent to Fallujah and gave Sadr more airtime than their ads.
Today I watched as angry Iraqis pelted British army vehicles with stones as they rushed to the bombing area. They did that because they believe that they coalition is not doing enough to offer security. This attitude troubles me because if the coalition reacted somehow to provide security, they would also start complaining about the violence. Offering security entails going into houses, seeing women (as if those women are Sharon Stone!), shooting at bad guys, etc. Those actions would definitely further alienate the same Iraqis who pelted the British soldiers for failing to provide security.
I don’t know but I feel that Saddam is laughing in his prison cell right now saying “suckers, I told you idiots, those people deserve someone like me. I, and only I, can keep the lid on. I can keep the lid on those crazy religious leaders who think that Allah ordered them to force His laws on earth, I can keep the lid on anything the “disturbs the peace”. Gamal Abdul Nasser kept the lid on by leading a one-party draconian regime, Hafez El Asad kept the lid on by slaughtering 20,000 people in Hama, King Hussein kept the lid on by crushing a Palestinian challenge to his rule, and I kept the lid on by filling mass graves and killing any damn being who dared to cause trouble”.
I am so sorry for my negative attitude; I hope I can turn positive sometime soon. But I am really depressed because everyday I become convinced that we Arabs deserve Saddam and we cannot live without Saddam.


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