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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Wrong Timing!

I was just going to publish the the answers to the questions I got when I received the news that Israel had killed Hamas leader Rantisi. Rantisi became in charge of Hamas in the Gaza strip after the killing of Sheikh Yassen. I think it was completely wrong timing to kill Rantisi. Not now at all.
First, Bush has just endorsed Sharon’s disengagement plan and enraged Arabs for accepting some settlements in the West Bank. Even though I personally think that the Sharon plan is a good step forward, it still angered Arab opinion. Now this will further fuel anger against the US since everyone believes that Sharon got a green light from Bush to carry this operation even though the US State Department denied this.
Second, what is most important to me is Iraq Iraq Iraq. Now the poisonous mix of baathists and wahabis in the Sunni triangle will have another legitimate reason for their fight. In addition, by killing Rantisi, this mix will be more successful in turning more and more sunnis against the US, not mentioning Sadr’s Shitte supporters and other moderate Shittes.
If Sharon did indeed act alone, I would like to tell him these words: wrong wrong wrong, why didn’t you think about the situation in Iraq?
I don’t think I can publish my answers to the questions now. It’s the wrong timing.


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