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Monday, May 24, 2004

Back to Egypt

Here is some stuff about Egypt.

Ruby’s Belly Button not Welcomed

The Ministry of Culture passed a law forbidding any video clip sporting naval buttons to be shown on state owned television. The law came after Ruby, one of Egypt’s latest pop singers (and sex bombs), released two “revealing” video clips. In the first clip, Ruby is shown dancing with a belly dancer costume while the camera is focusing on her belly and legs (where else would it focus?). The other clip shows Ruby singing on a gym cycle in compromising postures. However, this law is not enforced on private satellite channels and the internet. Well, bad luck, most of us watch those video clips on satellite!

The Humiliation Factor

Today I was standing in front of a newsstand trying to search for a good magazine to buy. One magazine had a huge picture out of the Abu Ghreib album on its cover. Two teens were standing in front of this magazine. “I feel so angry when I see those pictures” one told the other. I think he choose the wrong terminology, I think he should have used the word “humiliated” instead of “angry. We Arabs feel so humiliated from many different things. We react to this humiliation in many different ways. Some of us blow twin towers, wage war against our rulers who did a horrible job in running our lives, or simply do nothing and keep the humiliation piling. However, very few of us decide to give the post-911 US a chance and pray that she will use its tremendous power to help us bring change a la Germany, South Korea, France, and Eastern Europe. I belong to this group.


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