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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Hello From Sharm El Sheikh

Hi everybody. I am blogging from Sharm El Sheikh. I found an internet cafe near my hotel and decided to send this since I have prolonged my stay. I will return home next Sunday.
Sharm El Sheikh is a piece of heaven on earth. As I said before, it is in Southern Sinai (everyone go to your maps). We took Sharm El Sheikh from the Israelis in 1982. According to the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel, the Egyptian army is not to be allowed in Sinai, only the Egyptian police force. A Multinational Force from many nations stay in the Sinai to make sure that no country breaks the agreement.
There are many tourists here, mostly Italians, Swiss, and Russians. They adore this resort. It's a pity I can't post pictures.
My stay in Sharm El Sheikh reminded me of Iraq somehow. This resort is literally packed with tourists. Egyptian shopkeepers race to learn their Italian and Russian languages in order to make good business. See Egypt lives on tourism. Without tourism many cities in Egypt will become dire poor. The terrorists who turned Egypt into a war zone in the 90s knew where to hit. They targetted the tourism industry to bring the government down and destroy it so that the government fails even more. Many Egyptians joined their dirty fight, yet thanks Allah the vast majority decided to rally around the government even though many were angry with its performance. The civilian casualties and the economic problems made the terrorists' appeal so unpopular. I see the same thing in Iraq. They bombed the UN, the Red Cross, oil pipelines, they bombed anyone trying to build to bring the country down. To make Iraq fail.
I really wanted to stay away from the news but my room has a TV and I can't avoide watching. The bad thing though is that the only news channel shown is Al-Jazerah. I have a wonderful Op-ED article in my mind. I'll write it and post it when I get back home. I'm sure you can understand that I can't write properly while wearing shorts, dirty sneakers, and a sweaty T-Shirt!


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