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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Today I have decided to break away from Iraq and report on things that are going on in Egypt.

Egypt Got a Zero from FIFA

Egypt wanted to organize the 2010 world soccer championship. Last Saturday, Egypt got no votes from the FIFA’s 25 members committee. South Africa got the highest number of votes and will organize the reputed championship in 2010.
Everyone was expecting South Africa to win, but nobody expected such a shameful loss for Egypt. We were hoping for an honorable loss.
The parliament decided to look into the matter to decide who was responsible for the defeat. As usual, the Minister of Youth and Sports blamed outside forces such as FIFA’s chairman playing politics, biases towards South Africa, etc. The usual “everything but our fault” kind of thing.

Muslim Brotherhood MPs Do Not Want Mel Gibson!

A number of Muslim Brotherhood members of parliament sent a letter to the parliament leader asking him to bring the Minister of Culture (who allows or disallows movies to be shown) to testify before the parliament and explain why he allowed the screening of the movie “the passion of the Christ”. They claimed that this movie opposes the Quran; the Quran says that Jesus was not crucified but they crucified someone whom they thought to be Jesus. All sound MPs and intellectuals disagreed with their stand and expressed their positive opinions on the movie. An intellectual wrote an excellent OP-ED today citing several reasons why this movie had to be shown in Egypt. Among his reasons was the fact that the movie reflected the opinion of its maker and we shouldn’t forbid art. Another reason was that Zionists tried to stop the movie in the USA and we shouldn’t be acting in the same way. Here in Egypt, anything that pisses the Jews becomes an instant hit.
Well, even if the Ministry of Culture was to ban the movie, thousands of Egyptians saw it on pirated CDs and DVDs. I personally saw it and it literally shook my bones.

35% against 65%

Yesterday I logged on Egypt’s top web portal They had an opinion poll asking web surfers whether they agree or disagree with the beheading of Nicholas Burg. 65% said yes they agree, 35% said no they don’t. I was shocked and disgusted.
Well, when I entered the forum where people discuss the poll, I discovered that most of those who participated in the written forum were from the 35%. They kept saying how they were shocked at the 65% number and how those who voted “yes” were so barbaric and inhumane. They said that Burg was there to help in the reconstruction of Iraq and he was not military personnel. I was relieved when I read their comments.


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