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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Bits and Pieces

IP arrests a Libyan thug

Want to hear very good news? Iraqi police arrested a Libyan man linked to Al-Qaeda in the city of Najaf. Iraqi police implement a curfew in Najaf. Oh, how my heart dances when I hear the IP and the Iraqi people doing something for their future instead of staying on the sidelines and blaming the Americans. The US army must keep a low profile and the IP must be equipped with all sorts of weapons (even RPGs).

Mubarak doing well

President Mubarak, who just had an operation on his backbone in a German hospital, is doing well and might be home in the coming days. His German doctors said that the operation was a success. President Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi were among the leaders who called Mubarak on the phone. Mubarak congratulated Allawi for the handover. However, Egypt and all other Arab nations will not restore diplomatic relations with the new government. What a shame. Only Kuwait will open its embassy in Baghdad.

Egyptian 4 Bush

A friend of my mother came to visit us today. She has a son who is living in the US. She became an American citizen even though she can't speak any English. Here is what we said:

GM: Will you vote?
Friend: Sure. I never voted before but this time I will vote for George Bush.
GM: You have to register first.
Friend: What's that?
GM: You have to register your name and address in order to vote. Do that when you visit your son this summer. You can also register on the internet.
Friend: Hey can you do that for me?
GM: You have social security number?
Friend: Yes, take it and register for me.
GM: Well, I really don't know the procedures, it is better if you let your son do it for you, or you can go to the US embassy here to register. Well, you're son lives in New Jersey; Bush has a zero chance there.
Friend: why?
GM: The majority in NJ just doesn't vote republican, like in Texas, Kerry has a zero chance there. Anyway, at least your vote will get counted in the popular vote.
Friend: I love Bush; every time I see him on TV I pray that he wins.

Note: NJ has the largest number of Egyptians in the US.


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