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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Give Them the Enemy

Let me tell you a true story the happened today. A suicide bomber exploded his car in the middle of a convoy in one of Baghdad's busiest streets. 8 Iraqis and 5 foreigners were killed. Right after the bombing, a mob of 20-30 young men ran to the scene and added kerosene to one of the cars and set it ablaze creating a huge fireball. Others danced on top of a burned vehicle while chanting anti-US slogans. Another gleefully held the passport of a burned British citizen in front of the cameras. About 50 Iraqi police rushed to the scene, the American humvees arrived shortly afterwards. The mob started peddling US soldiers with stones. Afraid to be seen as helping the Americans, the Iraqi Police stood there and watched the scene with a wide mouth. Both forces withdrew after they failed to control the mob. Oh, I forgot, the mob also stole private possessions from the burned corpses. Interestingly, some of the dead foreigners were working with General Electric, a bad naughty occupying company that wants to help Iraqis build their power grid!

Are you confused after hearing this story? Well, me too. I just came up with this interesting riddle: what's the difference between an Iraqi and a dog? A dog doesn't bite the hand the feeds it.

Upon reading this confusing story, I logged on to Yahoo Messenger and found an Iraqi friend online. This wonderful person works as a translator with the US army, he helps them help build a new Iraqi army. I cascaded my feelings to him. "Oh, these are just stupid unemployed people" he said. "They are the thugs that Saddam released from jail" he added.

Well, after cooling off, I sat down and thought about it. Why would some Iraqis dance around a burned corpse of a Westerner who came to help them install a power grid? The answer lies in the words of one of the injured Iraqis. "The Americans made this bomb to justify their stay. OK, let them stay, but why do they bomb us? For God's sake, an Iraqi never kills another Iraqi, the Americans did it" he said. Oh yes, these words came from someone who was supposed to benefit from the GE power grids.

Ladies and gentlemen, I belong to a region where we once believed that Israelis secretly sold us chewing gum that was contaminated with some hormones aimed at increasing the sexual desires of our girls to turn them into prostitutes. I belong to a region that once believed that Israelis distributed bad seeds aimed at destroying Egypt's agricultural industry. We justify every wrong and believe every lie. Welcome to the fantasy world of the Middle East.

I am not sure if Americans fall into conspiracy theories just like us. Well, with Michael Moore, I guess Americans are eligible to join the club.

Anyway, in the past, Saddam was the bad guy. He did the bombings and the mutilations. Today, the bad guy is America. Unemployed Iraqis, who have nothing to do except go and listen to some crazy cleric in the nearby mosque, believe that. I'm not talking about my friend who earns $600 per month, or the policeman who earns $300. I'm talking about the thugs. The forsaken. Those who have nothing to be grateful for.

Those people need to see the enemy. For God's sake, I hope the new interior minister will arrest some terrorists and broadcast their testimony on TV so that Iraqis know who the real enemy is. The Jordanian King did that when his police arrested a group of terrorist who were about to carry out a huge terrorist attack in Amman. They appeared on TV and gave every single detail of their deadly plan. His majesty was smart; he wanted his people to know who the real enemy is. If Iraqis didn't see an enemy, they will invent one.


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