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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Horrible Development!!!!!

Just as I started to breathe some fresh air from the good news coming out of Iraq, just as I thought that the US finally learned the lesson, I got this horrible development. US forces, for the very first time, surrounded a police station and arrested a number of IP because of alleged human rights abuses.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is one day after the handover. This action was unspeakably stupid and wrong. US forces have NO right whatsoever to arrest IPs. For heaven's sake, when will they learn the lesson? America failed in running the country last year, now let Iraqis run their own life IN THEIR OWN WAY. We are not Sweden, we are not Norway, we are in the Middle East. We play by different rules. Spoon feeding Iraqis with democracy and human rights WILL NOT WORK.

Concerned about human rights abuses in this police station? Pick up the phone and call the minister of Interior. The US army broke the agreement and they MUST apologize unless this whole handover thing appears as if it's a huge mega fake show.


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