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Sunday, June 20, 2004

President Has a Back Problem

President Mubarak went to Germany today to undergo surgery in his backbone. Yesterday he delegated some presidential authorities to the prime minister until his arrival.

That's not it. Al Jazerah announced yesterday that the president will nominate a vice president before going for treatment. In Egypt, a vice president means the future president since he gets swiftly elected after the president passes away. Mubarak never appointed a vice president. Anyway, an official from the presidential palace denied Al Jazerah's report and called it a "rumor".

Upon hearing the report, we all knew that Omar Soliman will be nominated. Soliman is Egypt's secret intelligence director. He is a very fine military official whom Mubarak had sent countless times to Israel and Palestine. We all think Mubarak is trying to brighten his star by sending him to such diplomatic missions. Omar Soliman is considered today the most eligible vice president after Mubarak denied any intentions of choosing his son Gamal.

Anyway, I'll support anyone Mubarak might choose. Egypt's political system can't withstand any political gambling. I want stability, and despite Mubarak's huge problems, I still believe that it would be too risky to open up the country for a presidential election. Iraq's political process is guarded by American F16s and Abrams tanks. We don't have those here.


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