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Saturday, July 24, 2004

America is Winning

America is winning in Iraq. Despite the continuous violence and the kidnappings we witness everyday, I now believe that the US and its Iraqi allies are on the right track. The US can easily see light at the end of the tunnel simply because it seems that Iraqis started to realize that they are not living in a country from Rent A Country.

Before June 28th, many Iraqis felt that their country was owned by the US who literally took it from its previous owner Saddam Hussein. Today it seems that more and more Iraqis are beginning to feel that there is a political process currently underway which will put the average citizen behind the steering wheel.

One of the most important developments I have heard so far is the increasing number of Iraqis who are willing to break the "fear barrier" and supply the Iraqi Police with valuable information about criminals and terrorists. My fellow blogger Mohammed reported on this in one of his recent posts.

Even the military situation began to change. We are literally back to square one. The vast majority of recent US casualties occurred in the Sunni triangle which still produces a deadly cocktail of Saddamists and Sunni Islamist radicals. The Shia areas in the south and Kurdistan in the north did not have major problems until today. The US most important goal for the coming days is to help the Iraqi government train and equip a viable Iraqi army that is willing to kill fellow Iraqis. Yes you heard me well. Iraqis must start busting their bad apples if they are going to sleep at night. It is so unfair that the Saddamists and their Islamist radical pals (both foreign and local) are killing innocent Iraqis everyday while many in the police and army are not willing to do the same thing to their potential killers. Egypt brought its own terrorists under control when we started liquidating some bad apples right in their homes. Saudi Arabia is doing the same thing today.

The US must also do everything possible in order to decrease its presence in major cities. This is so crucial. Besides helping in building a strong army and police force, the US military must concentrate on relocating outside in the desert and ending those useless patrols, but rather respond only when called upon. This will decrease US casualties and tighten the Iraqi grip on the steering wheel. 











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