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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Important Dead Man vs. Unimportant Dead Man

Israel is building a fence around and inside portions of the West Bank to prevent suicide bombers from reaching Israeli cities. The fence that snakes through areas inside the West Bank has made the lives of a few thousand Palestinians inconvenient (frequent readers of this blog know that I support the fence 100% but I disagree with its current route inside the West Bank). Arab/Muslim nations are preparing to elevate the issue to the Security Council. Left wing European and American (and Israeli) “peace activists” flocked to Palestinian areas and painted protest slogans that they did not even put on the Berlin Wall. My Egyptian government announced that this fence (or wall as they like to call it) should be removed.

Let us look at another forgotten area of this world, Sudan, Darfur to be precise. The central government of Sudan assisted Arab militia to literally wipe out the black Africans in Darfur. Villages were burned and leveled to the ground, women were raped, and black skeleton-like children are left to die from malaria and malnutrition in the refugee camps on the Sudan-Chad borders.  Human Rights Watch labeled the actions of those militias as “genocide”. Kofie Annan, awaken from his long siesta and finally discovered that it is OK to agree once with the US, threatened military intervention in Darfur unless the government of Sudan halt the killing machines there. And how did my Egyptian government respond? It said that a UN resolution is not needed. Oh, how interesting! So, my fellow Egyptians at the foreign ministry think that making the lives of a few thousand Palestinians inconvenient is much more disastrous and barbaric than mass slaughtering non-Arab black Sudanese in Darfur. Egyptian newspapers display the most gruesome images coming from the Palestinian areas almost on a daily basis, yet up until this very hour, I haven’t seen a single picture of a dead black skeleton even though I am sure there are thousands upon thousands of them. Why are we allowed to see pictures of Israeli bulldozers demolishing a number of Palestinian homes to prevent weapons smuggling, yet we never see a single picture of how the government-backed militias in Sudan are burning down entire villages in Darfur? Are the Palestinians more valuable than the black Darfurians? Are there important and unimportant corpses?

The above example is just one case to show how pathetic, crooked, and deceptive the Arab media is. In the coming post, I’ll discuss the stupidity and ignorance of the so-called Western “peace activists”




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