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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Personal Request

I love watching American campaign TV ads. I also like to download them. Both Bush and Kerry websites do not allow ad downloading, I have to watch them while I'm online. Can anyone help me find a website where I can download campaign ads on my hard drive? You can reply in the comments column or email me at


Bits and Pieces

I Wanted More Chaos

"The past months have been challenging for us in the anti-war camp. I am ashamed to admit that there have been times when I wanted more chaos, more shocks, more disorder to teach our side a lesson. On Monday I found myself again hoping that this handover proves a failure because it has been orchestrated by the Americans. The decent people of Iraq need optimism now, not my distasteful ill-wishes for the only hope they have for a future."

The above statement appeared in a recent article by British left wing anti-war activist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. Her confession is very profound. Even though I applaud Yasmin for her honestly, this statement sheds a lot of light on what many Europeans and almost all Arabs think. I mentioned several times in my posts that the majority of Arabs are ready to bypass the feeling of uneasiness as a result of Iraqi's suffering at the hands of terrorists just to enjoy the pleasure of seeing the US sink in the presumed "Iraq quagmire". In other words, I am beginning to believe that just like Yasmin, Arabs do not care about how many Iraqi policemen die as long as the US loses in Iraq. Fortunately, Yasmin woke up to her senses; Arabs still didn't do such a noble act. This is the reason why I don't give a hoot about Arab opinion. I only listen to Iraqi opinion because it is their country after all and it is their future.

Thank God for Arab Liberals

Lately, I have been feeding myself with the opinions of Arab liberals in newspapers such as the insightful Al Sharq Al Awsat. This daily newspaper is based in London and has a wide circulation all over the Arab world. It hosts the columns of liberal thinkers such as Kuwaiti Ahmed El Robaie and Egyptian Mamoun Fandi. Such writers are not pro-America nor anti-America, they are pro-right thinking and they are pro-Iraq.

Thumbs Up for McCain

Senator John McCain might not agree with George W. Bush on several issues, but he does agree that Iraq is bigger than George Bush, John Kerry, and the November elections. Iraq is America's largest nation building project and if it turned out to be successful, Iraq, the US, and the world will be in a much better state. This is the reason why this great man is firmly behind Bush during those difficult days. He will even appear in the coming campaign ad. Thumbs up for McCain

Brother Goes to Houston

My brother who works in a large oil company arrived in Houston today. This is his third business trip to the US. He brought me a Texas hat when he arrived from his first trip. This time I'll email him the names of books I need.
I have been to the US only once, in 1999. I went to California and stayed there for 1 month. We were in Anaheim; our hotel was so close to Disney Land. Well, I found Universal Studios to be more interesting. The thing I really liked about Cali is the people there. Californians are so cool and friendly. A relative who lives there told me not to expect such behavior from New Yorkers or Chicagoans. Well I guess this is typical in any big city.


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