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Saturday, July 10, 2004

We Got a New Prime Minister

President Hosni Mubarak appointed Dr. Ahmed Nazif to be Egypt's future prime minister after the resignation of Atef Abeid's government. Nazif was the minister of communications and information technology in the Abeid government. He will be the country's youngest prime minister to get appointed after the 1952 revolution that overthrew the monarchy.

Nazif appointment might cause both satisfaction and dissatisfaction (not mentioning the vast majority who lost hope in any change and so simply don't care who is PM!) Nazif was one of the very few ministers whom I really liked. He commenced a technological revolution during his tenure as minister of communications and information technology. He introduced a government program to help middle and low class people buy a personal computer for their homes. His ministry also launched the "free internet" program that enabled all of us to access the internet and only pay the cost of the telephone call. In addition, he oversaw the creation of the country's first smart village. In other words, he was one of the very few successful ministers. Abeid and most of his cabinet were a colossal failure.

However, some people might raise doubts because Nazif doesn't hail from an economic background. All previous PMs were economists. I think the president saw how successful he was in managing his ministry and so wanted to have a "manager" run the cabinet. The crucial economic decisions will be left to the minister of trade and finance. That's my speculative guess.

Houston Houston We Have a Problem! We Found Hasoon on Mars!

So, congratulations, the US Marine Wassef Hasoon is in Germany now. He was transported on a big fat US military plane from the Lebanese capital Beirut. Awesome news!!!! But, hey, why Beirut? Well, Hasoon called the US embassy in Lebanon from his mama's house and said "hey guys, I'm at mama's. Naaaaah Naaaaah Naaaaaah Naaaaanaaaaaa"

People, I just can't believe it. The greatest and mightiest army on earth didn't know that one of its soldiers was being shuttled away from Iraq, into Syria, and into his father's bosom in Lebanon. That says a lot about the army's inability to even have any control over the borders that churn out terrorists who kill Iraqis and American forces. That shows the tragic state of intelligence in Iraq.

How did Hasoon end up in his native country? We don't know yet, but a Lebanese newspaper did its homework and came up with this story: Hasoon left his base in Fallujah to contact any of the insurgents who might help him leave Iraq. The insurgents he met took him to another insurgent group who made the tape we all saw (we don't know yet if Hasoon did collaborate with them to create a hostage hoax). His family contacted a relative who is a religious leader in the Syrian city Halab. This relative contacted a board of Iraqi Sunni Muslim clerics who contacted the insurgents to help Hasoon get to Lebanon through Syria!!!!!!

The newspaper went on to say that Hasoon..............What? What? I'm hearing someone!!! Oh I'm hearing the voices of Dwight Eisenhower and former CIA chief John Foster Dallas screaming from their graves "shame, shame, shame!"


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