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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Al Jazerah Gone Crazy!!

Al Jazerah is now focusing all its energy and resources on fighting the Iraqi government. I have never seen the mouth of horror channel with such hatred and anger towards an Arab government. I totally admit that before closing its office in Baghdad, Al Jazerah's rhetoric against the Iraqi government was a little bit less sensational. Now it is all out war against Iyad Allawi. It is rather quite funny to notice such a dramatic shift after getting its butt kicked.

Now, what should the reaction be? 2 phone calls: one by Allawi and the other by Colin Powell. Both men should ring the emir of Qatar up. Allawi should cut all diplomatic and economic relations with Qatar. Powell should call the fat emir and simply tell him "hey chubby dude, we're moving the base away from your fat a**."

Qatar loves to have it both ways. It has excellent relations with Washington and economic dealings with Israel, yet it also finances a channel that messes with all Arab countries except Qatar. The story of the emir's bloodless 1995 coup against his father and his evacuation of an entire tribe that supported his father never appears on the mouth of horror.


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