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Monday, August 02, 2004

And Now They Killed Christians

The Wahabi/Salafist animals in Iraq targeted one of the most vulnerable groups in Iraq and the entire Middle East, the Christians. I am sure that those animals (I can hear my dog protesting that I'm calling them animals!), were Wahabis (or Salafists) who follow Al-Qaeda's ideology. Baathists or Sadamists would never do such a thing. Christians in Iraq enjoyed considerable freedom under Saddam. Today, many of them are concerned about the rise of both Shia and Sunnis radical groups.

Christians were also killed by Islamic radicals in Egypt. In fact, they were the terrorists' most cherished targets long before they started their war with the government. Christians in Indonesia also got their share. Thousands were massacred in various Indonesian islands and tensions exist until this very hour. Taliban-like radicals in Pakistan killed Christians and Shias there as well. I think it is about time to declare that Wahabism and Salafism (the puritanical version of interpreting Islam) are the most dangerous ideologies we face today.

Those animals devour the weak and the helpless. Even animals in the wildlife have some ethics. What happened today shows that this war is not only America's war or George Bush's war, it is a third world war against one of the most barbaric ideologies we witnessed so far.


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