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Thursday, August 19, 2004


I got several comments telling me that some of those who wanted me to see Michael Moore's movie on a pirated CD were not against me seeing the movie at the theater. They just didn't want any extra money to go into Moore's belly. Due to the pirated CD / wait for DVD issue, I have decided to open the poll again. However, please bear in mind the following:

I will NOT download a pirated copy and I won't go around Cairo hunting for a CD. I also won't accept any CDs or internet links. I don't think MM deserves the hassle. This vote is about going or not going to the movie theater.
The movie is in the theater nearby, I am torn between seeing it or not. If the majority said "Don't Go", then I would probably not see Fahrenheit 911 at all and I will still be a happy man.
PLEASE, just type "Go" or "Don't Go" in the comments column or in an email to me at Please DO NOT add any extra comments. This will make the count much easier.
Please, DO NOT double vote.
Please, do not comment on a vote of another person. Just type your vote.
I am REALLY enjoying my little democracy!!!

Poll Closes: Friday, August 20 @ 7 PM EST.


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