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Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Please take a few seconds and cast your votes for Iranian-American Reza Torkzadeh to enable him to speak at the Republican National Convention in New York. Reza is one of the 10 finalist in the MTV essay contest.
It is CRUCIAL that Reza stands behind the podium in the RNC. With all the news about Iran these days, Reza MUST have a chance to express the struggles of Iranian youth in Iran. If chosen, Reza's speech will be translated to persian (and other Iranian languages) and broadcasted right into Iran.
The other 9 finalists are wonderful, but because of all the things that are going on in Iraq and Iran, it is VERY IMPORTANT for this young activist to shine at the RNC.
Please go and cast your vote and send the MTV link to as many people as you can. It is SO IMPORTANT that you all participate in getting the message of the Iranian youth to the entire world. This might be the first step towards FREEDOM IN IRAN.

Below is the email I got from the Iranian activists:

Our own brilliant Reza Torkzadeh (whom is one of our BEST and most dedicated young activist), has become a finalist in the MTV essay contest which offers him the opportunity to speak at the Republican National Convention (about Iran) IF he gets enough votes. The below links are the sites where you can vote; though the top link (the MTV link) is apparently the more important one. PLEASE send this out to everyone you know...we've got to send our boy to the Convention come hell or highwater. THIS is another chance for us all to show our solidarity.

Thank you.

Personal Bio Born in 1979 in Tehran, Iran, Reza and his family had to flee the country amidst the Iranian Revolution to save their lives. While leaving the country, one of his uncles was executed by the governing regime because of his political beliefs and aspirations. For FREE IRAN and Regime Change Please Vote NOW For Reza To Win The Contest


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