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Thursday, September 23, 2004

A Great Man

The Nobel peace prize committee are currently undergoing secret discussions to choose the 2004 Nobel peace prize winner. Dr. Baradaie, chairman of the nuclear agency watchdog, is one of the most likely winners. If he did in fact win, Mr. Baradaie will be the fourth Egyptian to win a Nobel prize and the second to win the peace prize (the first was president Sadat). To tell you the truth, I firmly believe that this year’s peace prize should go to Kofie Anan, the secretary general of the United Nations.

I reached this conclusion after hearing the great Kofie Anan speak in front of the general assembly meeting 3 days ago. His speech moved me tremendously and I was about to shed tears as a result of the powerful words he was uttering.

What a great man of peace. This humble man transformed the United Nations into an agency that spreads peace worldwide and prevents the hegemony of powerful countries.

Mr. Anan told his audience of world leaders who the war on Yugoslavia was “illegal” because it did not result from a security council resolution (NATO countries unilaterally took military actions because they were sure that Russia would have vetoed any resolution calling for tough actions). He added that no country is above the law and that the problem of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo should have been solved within the “world body”. He indirectly condemned the unilateral actions that NATO members took to save the people of Kosovo. Mr. Anan also pointed out how the UN was so successful in ending the genocide in Rwanda and Sudan.

His speech reached a high emotional fever when he turned towards the Iraq delegation and with tears in his eyes he apologized for the sickening corruption that occurred in the food for oil program. He mentioned that he bore the responsibility for this huge scandal and told the Iraqi people that he is “sorry that the UN was involved in diverting billion of dollars away from the impoverished people of Iraq.”

I believe this speech was so sincere and…………………………………….WHAT? WHAT? What are you telling me???? Mr. Anan didn’t say the above words??? What did he say instead?? Ummmm, sorry folks, it seems that the stuff I sniffed on that day affected my ear drums.


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