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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Hopeful Signs

There are very good hopeful signs that the Europeans and the US are starting to cooperate together on various issues. This new post-Iraq war tacit cooperation is so crucial for the war against tyranny and terror.

It seems that post-Madrid bombings Europe suddenly realized that America’s enemies are also her enemies. The Madrid train bombings, the largest Islamic terrorist attack in Western Europe so far, was a huge wake up call from the I’d-rather-die-than-cooperate-with-America Europeans. Also, the recent kidnapping of 2 French journalists in Iraq shock the masters of L’Appeasement and woke them to the fact that they are on the terrorists hit list as well.

We’ve seen awesome cooperation between the US and France on the Lebanon issue. Both sponsored a resolution telling Syria to leave Lebanon alone. That was a great move. On Iran, the EU and the US are together drafting a resolution demanding Iran to disclose its nuclear ambitions. Good cooperation on Sudan is currently underway as well.

I don’t think the axis of weasels (France, Germany, SS (Socialist Spain), etc..) are ready to help Iraq yet. I really hope that changes after the Iraq elections.


Once again, Kofie Anan lashed against the liberating war in Iraq by branding it as “illegal”. Mr. Anan wants us to believe that Saddam’s torture chambers and mass graves had more legality in his sight.

Well, I don’t blame the guy. The US needs him and his clown Lakhdar Brahimi in Iraq and so it is ready to eat his s...t. This is the reason why the US stood in front of any serious effort to correctly investigate the massive corruption of the oil for food program. Even Iraqis stood talking about this scandal. I really hope Anan gets a phone call from Danford telling him that Iraqis will open the can of warms if he didn’t shut up.


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