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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Hostages Update

Orascom Telecom announced that 2 of the Egyptian engineers kidnapped in Iraq were released. The company said that the others would be released soon. The deal is said to have reached millions of dollars.

Elections, what elections?

It is now clear that holding elections in Iraq is a near impossible task. Today, King Abdullah of Jordan said that it won't be posible to hold elections next January. I believe he is correct. There is much trouble in the central Sunni areas and until now Iraqis don't really have a choice about whom to elect. Postponing the elections would be a great idea.
The problem is that Ayatollah Sistani, the true ruler of Iraq, doesn't want to postpone the elections. Sistani's main concern is this: he wants Shias to rule Iraq as a majority. He literally doesn't care about anything else. I don't blame the guy. Shias were persecuted in Iraq for so many years.
Well, if someone managed to convince Sistani to accept a delay in the timetable, that would be excellent.


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