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Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Opportunist

I don’t want to get involved in American politics. My blog is mainly about the Middle East and Egypt. However, what I am going to say now does touch upon the Middle East and this is why I have decided to post this.

Shocked by the bounce that President Bush got from his convention, democrats blamed John Kerry for not attacking Bush enough and advised him to put on his gear and unleash the dogs.

Kerry did just that. He attacked Bush in his most vulnerable area: Iraq. He hit him where it might hurt. It is now clear that Iraq is a possible liability to Bush since the public is almost evenly divided over this war. Heeding advice from fellow democrats, Kerry went on the “offensive” by saying something very interesting: (Iraq was) the wrong war, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I have been vomiting a lot these days over the coverage of Al-Jazeera and Al-Ahram’s (Egypt’s top paper) failure to honorably report the slaughter of an innocent poor Egyptian worker in Iraq. Kerry’s statement made me want to vomit one more time. I just can’t believe how opportunistic the senator from Massachusetts can become. It is now clear that Kerry will stump his feet on anything just to get elected. I know that all politicians want to get elected, however, the public expects them to limit their actions within certain moral boundaries. Kerry’s statement only solidified the fact that he is willing to do anything and say everything to reach the White House even if he changed his position a zillion times. He’s not just the Flip-Flopper, he became the Opportunistic Flip-Flopper. He became the just-like-a-sailor-I-change-my-position-whenever-the-political-winds-are-taking-me.

Senator Kerry calls the war in Iraq a “wrong war”. Oh, really Senator? Then why on God’s earth did you vote for it in the first place (ummmm, not mentioning that you voted against its funding later on!!). You saw the same intelligence and you saw the same threat and you voted YAH. If Iraq was a “wrong war” then why did you tell reporters before the Republican Convention and after hiking along the rim of the Grand Canyon that you would still have voted to authorize war on Iraq even if you knew then there were no weapons of mass destruction. Senator, you changed your position in less than a month!!!! Or did you change your position just because of Bush’s 10-11% lead in the polls!!!

Kerry should learn from an older fellow democrat, senator Joe Lieberman. This great man who disagrees with Bush on many things knows what is at stake in Iraq. He knows the Middle East quite well and knows that Iraq is the region’s hope of creating a decent country. Senator Lieberman understands that it is OK for America to be divided over health care and gay marriage, yet America should show unity over a war that received tremendous bipartisan approval. Kerry’s latest position weakens the US resolve in Iraq and send the wrong signal to Iraqis and the world.

Kerry could have said “I agree with this war, I saw the same threats, I voted for it, I told reporters at the Grand Canyons that I support it, yet I disagree with Bush on so and so”. Kerry didn’t sat that. Maybe such a morally correct statement might not be enough to narrow Bush’s lead! Americans deserve such a morally correct statement, so do Iraqis, and above all so do those who are planning to put their trust in Kerry to lead America in the war on terror.

One of Bush’s most powerful, if not the most powerful, statement in his acceptance speech was “You Know Where I Stand” period.

N.B. This blog is not about the US elections or politics in America. I’ll still support the US in Iraq wholeheartedly even if Kerry became the president. I just had to comment on something that does involve Iraq.


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