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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Sick To the Bones

Today Egypt number 1 newspaper published a photo of one of the Iraqi kidnappers while he was handing copies of the Quran to the released non-Iraqi hostages who were working for a Kuwaiti company. An Egyptian was among the hostages. They all appeared happy as they lined up to get their copy from the "holy kidnapper". Al-Ahram did not mention that the Kuwaiti company had to pay a huge ransom to win their release and that the quran distributing "holy kidnappers" are nothing but dirty a** h*les seeking money to prolong their terrorist activites. Why would Al-Ahram give a hoot about how those hostages were released? They reported the news of the slaughtering of the previous Egyptian hostage in a 7 lines column on page 4! I hate the double standards, I hate the hypocricy that doesn't seem to decrease even when movies of slaughtering Egyptians are getting posted on the internet.

Someone Hit Me!!!!!

Someone hit me please. Someone hit me with a baseball bat. I just can't believe it. The I-always-hate-America-no-matter-what France decided to team with the US in a UN resoultion that tells Syria that it is not so cool to occupy Lebanon and screw up its elections.

Syria is using its occupation of Lebanon and control over everything in the country to pass a constitution ammendment that would allow its puppet President Emile Lahood to stay longer as president. This is competely against Lebanon's constitution.

We have three prospects for decent countries in the Middle East: Iraq (may God end its evil forces), Iran (may God shake up its people to start a revolution), Lebanon (may God end its Syria/Iranian mullahs dominion).


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