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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Stories Behind the Hostages

Your heart will break if you heard the different family stories behind the 6 Egyptian hostages in Iraq. They are engineers working in central Iraq’s mobile phone network. They were induced to go to Iraq after being offered lofty packages by the Egyptian company that owns the Iraqi network.

One wife told how her husband was kidnapped while taking to her on the phone. She suddenly heard people speaking and the voices fading away. Anyway, the whole ordeal is just heart breaking and horrible. I am sure however that the kidnappers are looking for a ransom. Even an Iraqi blogger’s relative was kidnapped and returned after his family pain a ransom. I am still afraid lest the kidnappers get a better deal from Zarqawi or other group that belongs to the HKA (Holy Kidnappers Association).

Another wife said how her husband is “Muslim” who “prays on a regular basis”. She added that he wanted to help his “Muslim brothers” in Iraq.

I understand the poor woman’s anguish, but I’m always sickened when I hear such well known words. Well, what if her husband was a Christian, a Jew, a Buddhist, an atheist, does that make him less worthy of living?

Anyway, I hope the ordeal ends soon. I also hope that the money they will get won’t go to terrorists. I personally prefer the K4M folks rather than the K2S.

K4M = Kidnap For Money

K2S = Kidnap To Slaughter


Al-Jazeera to Go "Shalom"!!!

The Arabic edition of the Yediot Ahronot (Israeli newspaper) claims that an Israeli-American businessman proposed to the Qatari ruler to buy 50% of Al-Jazeera channel!! The newspaper claims that the businessman met the ruler of Qatar in a conference attended by Bill Clinton. According to the paper, the ruler of Qatar took the idea seriously and assigned a finance company to determine the channels' maket value!

Now, I seriously doubt this report because Al-Jazeera is an integral part of Qatar's foreign policy agenda. I mentioned before that only a phone call from Colin Powell threatening to remove the US military base from Doha can reduce the channel's deadly poison.

However, if this report is true, I still believe that it would be a huge mistake to sell it to an Israeli or even an American. The Qatar ruler can do us all a favor and sell it to a reform minded Arab businessman who can purge the channel of all the Muslim Brotherhood employees and shift it towards a more progressive path. Al-Arabiyah's new manager is currently struggling to move his channel to this phase.


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