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Monday, September 20, 2004

That's not in New York, ummm, not even in Salt Lake, well this pic was taken in Iraq! So are the Yankees ready to play with their Iraqi counterpart next season??! Don't expect me to attend the game, I don't even know how baseball is played! Posted by Hello


The good thing about this story is that finally baseball is being played in the Middle East. I'm not sure if I'll turn out to be a fan or not! The bad side is that this pic was taken in Kurdistan, the land where Kurds and many Turks live in Iraq. An American soldier can go to a crowded street in Kurdistan, take off his gear, and sleep for 5 hours right on the pavement. Not even a fly will hurt him. You can have a baseball league in Kurdistan. However the Sunni Wahabi/Salafi animals in central Iraq are still preventing Iraqi kids from carrying the bat there. Sadr's dirty Shia gangs in the South are doing the same. Anyway, to hell with them, Long Live Kurdistan!

Ever since the beginning of this war, I said countless times that Kurds are the ONLY hearts that Americans will return home with. Americans can never be sure whether Kurdish or Turkish kids can turn out to be good baseball players, by they must be sure that they risk loosing Kurds' hearts if US presidents continued to kiss Turkey's butt everyday in the morning while taking Kurdish friendship for granted.


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