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Tuesday, September 14, 2004


The poll now stands at 77% Yes 23% NO!! Now I'm fed up and decided to mess up with Al-Jazeera and its many viewers. Go to The poll is on the right. Click on the second button, the button underneath. This button votes "NO", in arabic it is written like this (لا) for those who might see it. Al-Jazeera's website is in cyberspace and so all internet users have the right to vote. Send this to EVERYONE YOU KNOW, send it to your entire mailing list, post it to message boards, u name it.


I am shocked. I am disgusted. I am feeling so terrible.
I just logged on Al-Jazeera’s website and found a new poll that asked people whether the recent bombings in Iraq would result in the fulfillment of the desire to see the American forces withdraw from Iraq. The literal translation of the question was as follows: Do the recent bombing operations in Iraq serve the quest for the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq? 4646 participants voted in this poll. 39.4% choose “No”, 60.6% said “Yes”!!!!!!!!!

What kind of animals did we Arabs turn into? Even animals care for their own species. 60.6% of those who participated in the poll are willing to see Iraqi civilians bombed, maimed, crushed, and killed just so that America loses in Iraq. What kind of rational is this? What kind of mentality is this? I am ashamed to be a part of this mentally crippled region. Everyday I believe even more that there is no hope for this region and that it is in fact a huge clash of civilizations.

I blame dirty barbaric Muslim clerics for this distorted way of thinking. Clerics who are so thirsty for blood and full of hate and heinous dogma. I blame the Arab media that really doesn’t give a little piece of shit about Iraqis as long as they see America suffering in Iraq. To hell with Arab unity. To hell with “Islamic brotherhood”. These are all empty slogans we choose to believe in. Hatred towards America far exceeds all those slogans.

I know that 39.4% voted “No”, thank God for them. I also know very well that we wouldn’t have got such a result if this poll was in a progressive news website such as or any other website that doesn’t care about America nor Mozambique but rather cares about the future of Iraq (I admit those websites are so few). However, al-jazeera’s website is the most popular news site and 4646 participants is a huge sample. And 60.6% is a very painful majority as well.


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