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Saturday, September 11, 2004

What Am I Hearing?!!!!

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard Al-Jazeera's 3 pm news bulletin. My eyes just popped out and I screamed "COME HERE" to everyone in my house. They all gathered around the TV and listened at this unusual news bulletin from the mouth of horror Al-Jazeera. What happened to Al-Jazeera? How come they are so unbiased and full of truth this time? How come they are reporting this? Did they get a new manager? Did the Emir of Qatar order this change? I felt so happy.

In a previous post I commented on the slight positive shift in Al-Arabiya's reporting. Now it seems that Al-Jazeera decided to surpass Al-Arabiya in covering the news in an unbiased way that does not incite terrorists to continue their killing rampages. The anchor had this to say in the bulletin:

Anchor: Good afternoon, here is the 3 pm news bulletin report. Over 30 Darfurian babies died today from malaria on the Sudan-Chad border. Their families complained that they had to flee for their lives after the Janjaweed militia, the Arab militia that is backed by the Sudanese government, burned down their villages and poisoned their water wells.

Mother of dead Darfurian baby: The Arabs are killing us. We fled our village after the Janjaweed militia burned down our village and killed our men. Why are the Arabs killing us? Aren't we Muslims as well? Where is Amr Mousa (the secretary general of the Arab league)? Why can't he speak against the Sudanese government? It is a shame that only America and Europe are willing to do anything to save our babies.

Anchor: At least one thousand Shias demonstrated in Najaf against Muqtada al-Sadr and his so called Mahdi army. They demanded that he closes his office and leave Najaf. The demonstrators were enraged after the police found many decomposed bodies in Sadr's court. They also expressed their support for the interim government.

Demonstrator: This criminal should leave Najaf. We do not want his gangs in our holy city. He has disgraced us. We want justice for what happened in his court. We want justice for those mutilated bodies.

(Anchor interviews a very anti-Sadr political analyst)

Anchor: A 13 years old Christian Iraqi boy was shot dead in Mosul. Several of his relatives were seriously injured as well.

Mother of deceased boy: Why??? Why did the Salafi/Wahabi animals kill my child? This is new to us. We must all stand beside our government and the coalition forces as they fight those animals. In Iraq, there is no difference between Muslim and Christian. Those animals should be uprooted and I blame Arab satellite channels for promoting their deadly agenda.

Anchor: The new bulletin ended. Stay tuned for "An era's witness" program. Today the program will interview the former Qatari foreign minister who will tell us how the current Emir of Qatar overthrew his father in a 1995 bloodless coup. Stay tuned.

I looked at my family and they were literally frozen in their chairs. I myself was struck with a speechless surprise. What happened to Al-Jazeera? Suddenly I felt water all over my face. My face was getting cooler. I didn't know where this water came from. I closed my eyes and opened them again and found my dog licking my face. Offffffffff, he woke me up. It was a dream!


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