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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

70,000 Corpses and Zero Photos

A human rights organization in Israel reported that 1,500 unarmed Palestinian civilians were killed in the 5 years old uprising or intifada. An Arab League committee copied the same figure in its periodical report. This number is so depressing simply because we should all regret any loss of innocent life whether on the Palestinian or the Israeli side.

To tell you the truth, I was quite surprised at the 1,500 number. I thought it would have been much higher given the immense media coverage this conflict gets in our media and given the 5 years duration of the intifada. The Israeli human rights organization divided the number of Palestinian casualties between unarmed civilians and fighters (armed militants, Hamas leaders, etc.).

Now the UN reported another number, the number of Darfurians killed in the fighting that erupted a number of months ago. The number was 70,000 civilians killed. Yes you heard me, 70,000 people were killed in East Sudan not so long ago. 1,500 unarmed Palestinians killed in 5 years and 70,000 Darfurians killed in a number of months. 70,000 and I still didn’t see a single picture of a dead child or woman. 70,000 and I still didn’t hear Darfurians cursing the Arab rulers in Khartoum in our media, all what I hear on Al Jazerah and read in Al Ahram are Arabs cursing Israel and America.

I have seen too many dead Palestinians. I have seen too many pictures of wounded Palestinian children in hospitals. I have seen too many pictures of wounded Iraqi children in Fallujah’s hospital. Yet I’m still waiting to see a single picture of a Darfurian woman crying over her dead boy, or a picture of villagers trying to escape after the government backed militia decided to remove it from Sudan’s map.

Want a little tip when reading Egypt’s number one newspaper? Whenever you see a picture of an injured Iraqi child, it will always be a US missile or bullet. Terrorists have bombed so many police stations, government buildings, cars, and yet it seems that NOT A SINGLE CHILD was around when the bombs exploded!!! How do I know? Al Ahram never publishes photos of kids who were killed or maimed as a result of a lunatic suicide bomber who sacrificed his life just to kill a few poor Iraqi policemen.

Darfur is full of misery, full of dead babies, full of angry men, full of weeping mothers, yet Al Jazerah never ventures there. Why? Because they are just cheap black Africans. Their news is not juicy lucy and they are the victims of an Arab regime. The Arab media places a huge price tag on a corpse that has an Israeli or an American bullet inside, that price reaches zero when that corpse has an Arab Sudanese bullet inside or when that Iraqi abdomen was torn apart by TNT belonging to Arab Wahabi/Salafi animals.

Dear Americans,

Ever wondered why we hate you so much? Well, you just read my post.


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