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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Elections in Afghanistan is riding a roller coaster. With only 4 days remaining, the three main candidates are holding rallies to try and turnout the vote. The 3 main candidates are incumbent president Hamid Karzai, Yunis Qanuni, and General Abdul Rashid Dostum. President Karzai left Kabul and for the first time held a rally outside the capital. The animals on the Afghanistan-Pakistan borders are trying to disrupt the elections and kill the incumbent candidate. This is why his rallies were mainly confined to Kabul. This recent outside Kabul rally had 10,000 Karzai supporters. Mr. Qanuni and Mr. Dostum also held rallies and thousands of their supporters cheered for them as well.

I’m sure you all know of the dramatic success in getting Afghans to register. In addition, there will be millions of absentee ballots as well (the Afghan refugees living in Pakistan).

Afghanistan also has a “marginal candidate”. A woman is running for president. I don’t think she’ll be a “spoiler” a la Ralph Nader!

The campaign did turn negative. Mr. Qanuni accused Mr. Karzai of “intimidating his supporters.” Mr. Karzai didn’t pay attention to his rival, he is just focused on willing. “When I see this number of people, in their thousands, I’m delighted and I’m sure I will win”

Wait a minute!!! Campaign, incumbent candidate, rally, absentee votes, campaign turns negative,….. does that sound a little bit like the Bush vs. Kerry vs Nader elections!!!! Hehehehehehehehe


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