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Sunday, October 24, 2004


Fadfada is an Egyptian slang word that means to "unload your burden to someone else." When you lay down on a psychiatrist bed and just relief yourself from a burden by speaking to him then you're doing fadfada to the doctor. Well, this blog has offered me an excellent chance to "fadfad" and share my deep emotions with someone else. I want to do just that now.

The Wahabi/Salafi animals in Iraq showed us today a new way to display the different kinds of demons they have inside. They kidnapped over 50 young police recruits on their way from training and ordered them to lie down on the ground. They neatly organized their preys in rows of 12 and made them put their hands behind their heads. The animals then stood in front of each victim and placed a single bullet in his head.

That was a new show by the Wahabi/Salafi animals in Iraq. First they shocked the world by broadcasting their videos that showed Nicholas Berg being slaughtered. Today, these "slaughtering videos" are not blockbusters anymore, we got used to them. The Wahabi/Salafi animals like to innovate, they are creative people. Today they showed us a new thing. Organize young police recruits in rows of 12 then place a single bullet in their heads. How neat.

A few weeks ago I decided to do something crazy. I logged on a website and viewed almost all the "slaughtering videos" that the animals produced. I couldn't watch Bigley's video because I just can't see an old man getting slaughtered. Anyway, their recent killing of an Iraqi man accused of delivering beverages to US forces was so creative. They placed the man on his back and cut his throat but did not dismantle the head. Then they turned him over to let blood drain out like water from a fountain. At the background, a man was calmly chanting "Allahu Akbar" (Allah is Great)

No, No, I am not bloodthirsty. I just watched the videos to fill my heart with anger and to get a clearer picture of who those people are. I made a mistake. The whole thing backfired. Now I am filled with rage yet I feel so powerless. You know this feeling? When you want to do something yet you cannot, you feel tied, you feel paralyzed. For the first time in my life I feel that I can in fact kill someone. I just feel that if I saw a Wahabi/Salafi in front of me, I can easily grab a gun (no, a semi automatic machine gun would do more justice) and shoot the guy with a grin on my face.

I am not just angry at the animals. I am angry at many people.

I am angry at Arabs who are silent. I am angry at Sunni religious leaders who are silent. I am angry at Al Azhar (the largest Sunnis Islamic institute) right here in Cairo for staying silent. I am angry at our media that cries "massacre, war crimes" when American warplanes mistakenly kill a teeny weenie number of civilians while trying to stop the mass slaughter in Iraq yet millions of Arabs will receive the death of those 50 police recruits with absolute normality, in fact, multitudes will consider this legitimate resistance.

I am angry at Iraqis for being so good in holding demonstrations to ask for jobs yet a minority of them demonstrat against those animals.

Sometimes I feel John Kerry had some truth in what he said. Don't get me wrong, this is not the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time. I feel that this was a wrong war FOR THE WRONG PEOPLE. Hundreds of their own citizens are massacred everyday by Salafi/Wahabi animals yet they manage to exhibit an irritating sense of carelessness. Sometimes I feel that Iraqis, and all Arabs, deserve nothing but ruthless dictators who can hold them together and march them like an idiotic herd of goats.

How did I know that? I knew that by finding myself wishing for only single day out of Saddam Hussein's days. I remember a month ago while watching those young illiterate Shia men who were willing to sacrifice their lives for someone with such dirty teeth, I turned to my dad and told him "dad, how I wish Saddam returns for only one day. Two helicopters and a number of jeeps would end it all. A mass grave would be dug and everyone will return home and enjoy the weekend."

I wish things improve. I wish God can turn the tide over and make it looks as if the animals are losing.


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