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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

My Blog in Al Hayat Newspaper!

Today a journalist at the Al Hayat newspaper wrote an article about blogs in Egypt. She mentioned my blog and described me as “one of the most popular Egyptian bloggers”. This is my very first media exposure! I guess I need to improve my blog to look much better.

Al Hayat is an OK newspaper. It is Lebanese but based in London with a circulation covering almost the entire Arab world. They are reasonably balanced and host some good pro-new Iraq columnists, but I still prefer Al Sharq Al Awsat. Here is a translation of what was written about me and my blog:

“Big Pharaoh is considered to be one of the most popular Egyptian bloggers. He identifies himself as someone from Egypt and mentions that he is writing his first blog to make his voice heard. It seems that the interests of Big Pharaoh are mostly about politics. Most of his posts describes what he sees on Al Jazerah channel which he hates so much. He then comments by attacking the channel’s officials and Arab leaders in the English language.”


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