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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Remember long time ago when I said that the can of worms must be open for Mr. Kofie Anan and his cute son Kojo. Well, WHO LET THE WORMS OUT, WHO WHO

I Got Fayhaa!!!!

“Is that the channel you were telling me about?” my dad told me proudly after succeeding in finding one of Iraq’s most popular satellite channels. I kept searching for this channel for a very long time but failed to find it.

Anyway, we discovered Fayhaa channel and we soon became addicts. As soon as I return from work, I take my dinner and stay glued in front of Fayhaa. I have been doing that for 3 days.

The channel’s main program is its call-in talk shows. Iraqis from inside and outside Iraq call the channel to dish out their opinions. What I heard so far was so amazing. I heard Iraqis saying stuff I never hear before from our Arab pundits or even from Iraqis whom Al Jazeerah cheery picks to appear on its channel.

Apart from its constantly repeated call-in shows, I don’t think Fayhaa has any prominent program. The channel that was initiated by a number of Iraqi businessmen is still getting started. With its extremely low resources, this channel became a prominent voice in Iraq’s growing media market. That’s an achievement.

One of the things I really liked was that Fayhaa calls things by their true names. Apples are apples. Oranges are oranges. Terrorists are terrorists. Those who plant car bombs in police stations are not insurgents, they are not rebels, they are not militants, they are terrorists.


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