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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Attack Attack

I have been getting emails and comments from fellow Egyptians and Arabs ever since the Lebanese newspaper Al Hayat mentioned my blog in an article about Arab blogs. Very few of those comments were supportive of my views. Many were very polite and civilized in the way they disagreed with me and yet many started cursing me and calling me the same names they call several Iraqi bloggers. Words such as stupid, traitor, Bush lover, neoconservative, dumb, etc.. I expect such harsh words that lack any constructive dialogue simply because I know my views are quite rare in the Arab world. I would like to tell my angry critics that I will stand on my views for two main reasons: many Iraqis do share my views (and many do not) and several discreet Arab progressive thinkers share my views as well.

My problem is that I am not anti-America or even anti-American foreign policy. I am against certain policies and support other policies. Hating "American foreign policy" is such a broad thing, you have to name a policy in order to hate or like it. Reglular guests of this blog know very well that I have criticized certain US actions such as the awful post-war planning of Iraq and the unjust lack of engagement in the Palestine/Israel conflict. So to save time and effort, I will state my opinion once again below:

Palestine/Israel conflict: President Bush was so right in telling the truth to the Palestinians, that terrorism will never solve the problem and that new leaders must emerge who can be responsible of making peace through negotiations and not suicide bombings. I totally disagree with Bush for his failure to tell the Israelis the truth as well. That all settlements must be removed from Gaza and the West Bank and that a compromise must be reached on the Jerusalem and the refugees issue. I am also against Bush's lack of engagement during his first term. I hope that changes in his second term.

Iraq: I am in FULL support with the US. If the US failed militarily in Iraq, the whole Iraq enterprise will fail. My wish is to see Iraq evolve into 20% of India. I voiced my opposition to certain decisions that the US took in Iraq but I remain supportive with the overall objective. If you want me to support throat slitters, car bombers, or Sunni fighters who want to do everything to pull Iraq backwards, then I am definitely not your cup of tea. If you want me to draw a stupid grin on my face when the US gets in trouble in Iraq, then I am definitely not your cup of tea as well.

A fellow Egyptian who posted a comment stated that Al Ghad party (Egypt's recently approved liberal party) will kick me out if I joined because of my views. I totally agree with him. Yes, the party must exhibit anti-Americanism to gain credibility but that doesn't mean that its internal politics doesn't suit me.


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