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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Back 2 Iraq

One very good news coming from Iraq is that the government will allow Iraqi in exile to vote in the upcoming elections. I believe this was an excellent decision even though the UN and the US opposed it citing logistical reasons and other difficulties.

Most Iraqis in exile live in 3 countries: Iran, USA, and UK. The ones in Iran are crazy religious lunatics who follow Abdul Aziz Al Hakim’s party and the Islamic Dawaa party. The only good thing about them is that they don’t kill Americans. However, those in the US and UK are excellent secular Shias who escaped Saddam’s tyranny. I always love logging on Pal Talk and listening to them. Most of them are secular and pro-new Iraq.

The war in Fallujah will begin sometime soon. It will be a crucial war. The animals inside called for all journalists to enter the city. They want to fight a propaganda war. I really wish two things. First, I hope Fallujah will be the start of the animals’ inclination towards defeat. Second, I hope the war won’t antagonize Iraq’s sunni population who might undermine the coming elections especially since Shias are currently forming political clusters ahead of January elections.

As soon as the war in Fallujah starts you gonna read “massacres, crimes against humanity, horror” all over Egypt’s media. Of course we know right now that the Arab media doesn’t give a dead stinky rat’s shit about those civilians who are killed daily by suicide bombers and throat slaughterers.


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