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Friday, November 19, 2004

Irresponsible Media

Before reading the following post I want you to fully grasp the fact that I'm willing to do anything for Iraq to succeed. I'm willing to accept anything just so that Iraq has decent elections next January that might result in a decent country in the Middle East. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important than defeating the PMDs (People of Mass Destruction) in Iraq and helping the country to become 20% of India.

So I get really pissed off when I see American news channel frantically looking for an explosive news report even if it will jeopardize the work of US and Iraqi forces in Iraq. I am beginning to believe that such news channel deliberately search for news that might embarrass the military establishment in Iraq.

The problem is not about NBC broadcasting that tape to its American audience. The channel has the right to broadcast anything it deems as newsworthy, but before broadcasting such tape, NBC should have considered how its Arab and Iraqi audience will react. We live in a global world and everyone can gain access to whatever Americans are reading and watching.

Now if Gallup conducted a poll asking Americans this question: do you think all 140,000 soldiers in Iraq are war criminals and murders just like the soldier who shoot the injured fighter? The vast majority will say no. Now if the same poll was conducted in an Arab country, the vast majority will say yes.

Now, I'm sure you know by now that the Arab media do not give a dead stinky decomposed rat's ass about Iraqi civilians and policemen who die everyday by bombs that were probably planted by this "injured fighter", but they pay considerably attention when few US soldiers disregard the Geneva Convention while fighting enemies who know no conventions.

Just have a look at today's Al Ahram, Egypt's number one newspaper. The NBC tape made it to the paper's major headlines. A huge editorial talked about how this incident resembles what happened at Abu Ghraib prison. And what did poor Margaret Hassan receive? A 15-words column at the bottom of page one. The car bomb that killed Iraqi civilians was thrown to page 4. Thank you NBC, thank you NBC.

Now what would be the effect on those brave Iraqi soldiers who are fighting side by side with their American counterparts? What would happen to those who bleed with the Americans in order to destroy the terrorist bee hive? How would they feel now after they learned that their American friends are nothing but war criminals and Geneva Convention breakers? Many Iraqis, especially those who are beginning to support the terrorists in the Sunni triangle, will start to believe that Iraq's new army and police deserve to be killed since they're working with war criminals and Geneva Convention breakers. Thank you NBC, thank you NBC.

Dear America's news channels, I don't care whether you are liberal or conservative or claim to be standing on the middle ground, please watch what you are saying. The world is watching what you say and they interpret it in ways that will satisfy their preconceived views of America. Talk about gays, about Bush's ears, about Michael Jackson's adventures with kids, but PLEASE take your hands off Iraq.

Now, I feel I want to say a poem and this poem will be naughty. Do you know the feeling when you just want to say something inappropriate just to relief your chest from anger? I want to do just that now:

They slaughter innocent people, piss on GC
They bomb police stations and kill scores of innocents, piss on GC
They pass out judgments and cut off heads as if they are God, piss on GC
They kill Iraq's academic community, piss on GC
They hide in civilian houses, piss on GC
They shoot from mosques, piss on GC
They store weapons in mosques, piss on GC
They slit half the throat and drain the blood out like a fountain, piss on GC

What is GC? It is the Geneva Convention.
Give this soldier the Medal of Honor.


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