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Thursday, November 04, 2004


To: President George W. Bush

From: GM

Re: Your second term

Dear President Bush,

I would like to congratulate you for your great victory. You surely received a mandate from the American people and I am sure your leadership will not let your citizens down. I would like to inform you of my perspective regarding a number of issues that America and the world are facing.

Iraq: I was so glad that you won because Iraq is America's most important foreign enterprise ever since the Marshall Plan and Korea. You will surely enter into our history books if Iraq turned out to be something decent, not a Denmark or an India, just something decent.

The Kurds: Mr. President, can you name me a place in the world where you can easily get more votes than the ones you got in rural Utah? This place is Iraq's Kurdistan. The Kurds of Iraq deserve much more Mr. President. They are America's most passionate lovers. It would be a great idea if you simply stated that the US is committed to the security of the Kurds in Iraq. Most Kurds are skeptical of their Arab neighbors and they dream of an independent state. While this is virtually impossible, a pledge to protect the future of Kurds in Iraq won't do any harm.

The Palestinian/Israeli conflict: I know it is messy. I know your predecessor did everything possible to create a Palestinian state but later failed, but you simply cannot ignore this issue. I totally agree with you when you tell the truth to the Palestinians, that they have to stop terrorism and come up with a more sensible leadership, however, I expect you to tell Ariel Sharon the truth as well. You must tell him that it is virtually impossible for Israel to stay inside the West Bank forever. This can never happen. A future Palestinian state must be on the Gaza strip and almost all of the West Bank. Any future peace deal must follow the lines of the Clinton offer only if the Palestinians ceased all forms of terrorism and incitement against Israel. While I am writing those words, there are speculations that Yasser Arafat's life might be over. This might cause chaos in the Palestinian areas as all those factions fight for power as beasts fight for a piece of meat. You will have to wait until the beasts finish then see if a sensible leadership emerged. If yes then you will have to force yourself and Sharon to follow the Clinton-Barak path simply because this is the only path.

Iran: It is good to see the Europeans doing something by handling Iran's nuclear ambitions. I advice you to work with them just as you are working with France on the Syria/Lebanon issue. However, I'd like to draw your attention to something very important. The Iranian people hate their ruling clerics yet they think it is cool for Iran to have nuclear weapons. Who doesn't like to have nuclear weapons and feel proud about it? So I warn you of alienating the Iranian people, especially the youth who are longing for freedom yet feel that it is Iran's right to acquire any form of weapons.

Qatar: Qatar is considered one of the most dangerous states that promote terrorism around the world. Yes I know its leader talks about reform; I know the US has the largest military base in the world there, and I know that the US considers Qatar to be a model for all Gulf states, yet Qatar cannot embrace reform and Al Jazeerah at the same time. It is literally impossible. The Muslim Brotherhood controlled channel is so crucial in Qatar's political agenda and so this will take serious threats and pressures from your side in order for the Emir to do some drastic changes in the channel he finances. Words from your secretary of states were not enough; the US must take more serious actions. Saudi Arabia made some changes in Al Arabiyah's rhetoric only after receiving massive blows from Islamic terrorists and coming under harsh scrutiny after September 11.

Last but not least, I wish you all the best in your second term. I really pray that the world will change and become a better place in the coming years.


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