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Monday, November 22, 2004

Please Don't Shoot!

The American marine entered a mosque in Fallujah. A wounded Iraqi civilian saw him and started to beg "please don't shoot, please don't shoot". The American raised his rifle then shot the guy. He then celebrated what he had just done with another marine.

If you asked any Egyptian about the NBC tape, he will tell you the above story. This is how the story evolved from the marine saying "he's faking he is dead" to the "Iraqi civilian" begging "Please don't shoot". Almost no Egyptian saw the tape, but they will all tell you the above story. Thank you NBC.

Now, I don't have NBC and so I don't know much about it. However I presume that NBC is a type of channel that broadcasts abuse photos from Abu Ghraib, a tape of the marine in the Fallujah mosque, marines fixing sewage in Sadr city, and marines handing out school supplies in Kirkuk. The problem is that our media cherry picks the Abu Gharib pictures and the Fallujah tape, but it would be a dire journalistic disaster for them to mention anything about the marines fixing sewage pipelines in Sadr city or handing out school supplies in Kirkuk. I would be a very happy man if our media showed loads of Abu Gharib/Fallujah pics and just A FEW of Sewage pipelines in Sadr city.
You Americans out there should really thank NBC.


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