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Monday, December 06, 2004

The even kill barbers!!!

I apologize for the pause. I was in alex on a business trip and just came back yesterday at night. I'm currently too tired to post something sensible but I just can't help but comment on this

I remember not so long ago some commentators compared the situation in Iraq with the big V, Vietnam. I'll never forget an article I read by Thomas Friedman where he refused to equate Iraq with Vietnam. He said that in Vietnam the US was fighting the Viet Gong. The US and its Iraqi allies are not fighting the Viet Gong in Iraq, they are fighting the Pol Pot, the Khemer Roge. They are fighting people who have no agenda except to terrorize and pull Iraq backwards. For heaven's sake, I can understand why they want to kill Iraqi police and those who work with US companies working on reconstructing Iraq, but here they are killing barbers!!! barbers, barbers, barbers..keep repeating this word a zillion trillion times until the barbaric animalistic devilish nature of our enemy in Iraq sinks in.


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