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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Omar provides us with more information on Haifa street
He then goes on to eloquently describe the situation we're in by saying "Who's going to get killed next? And who's going to cover it live?"

Now I believe we still didn't hear from AP. If you know of any press release or statement, please shout it out. I believe the susopicion will only increase if AP stayed silent and provided no solid answers to the Haifa issue and the video of the executed Italian hostage that it gave to Al Jazeera. If it became clear that the AP photographer knew that something other than a demonstration would take place on Haifa street, I believe some people in the US ought to help the families of the 2 murdered Iraqis sue AP in US courts. As for now, I guess we still have to wait and see. Please keep those emails going and kindly send me any other email you know.


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