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Thursday, December 09, 2004

A spy was nabbed

Egypt’s attorney general announced that an Egyptian and an Iranian diplomat were indicted for spying and attempting to carry out terrorist activities in Egypt and abroad. The Egyptian was arrested but the Iranian diplomat remains at large outside Egypt. The diplomat is a member of Iran’s notorious revolutionary guards and he managed to entice the Egyptian to work for him. This incident sheds light on the following:

There are literally 3 groups within Iran. The radical mullahs who are the true rulers of Iran. The so called reformists who are powerless and act as Iran’s pretty face in front of the world. The democratic secular masses who represent the entire population especially the angry youth. Catching the Egyptian agent proves that the government in Tehran is so powerless and knows nothing about what the radical clerics, who control the revolutionary guards, are doing. Iran’s government represented by Khatami wanted to improve relations with Egypt and invited Egypt’s minister of interior to attend the conference on Iraq’s security that was held in Tehran. The ruling mullahs on the other hand will never abandon terrorism nor their oppression of the Iranian people.

The crystal clear connection between the radical ruling clerics and Sunni terrorists. Don’t buy the idea that says that radical Shias will never cooperate with radical Sunnis who consider Shias infidels. In the Middle East, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

The Egyptian was paid to go to Saudi Arabia and collect information about various establishments there. One of them was a petrochemical company in the city of Yanbu. This company was attacked last May and several people including American and British citizens were killed.

It is also well known that Iran was involved in the Khober bombings that killed Americans back in the 90s. In addition, the 911 commission mentioned that a number of the hijackers passed through Iran. Well, the connection is becoming very clear.

Back in the 90s when terrorists turned Egypt into a hell zone, I remember President Mubarak looking in a camera and telling Iran to “stop terrorism”.

So when you look at President Khatami’s face, always remember that this man is just a puppet, he holds no power at all. The real rulers are the backdoor devils who recruit spies in Egypt and Saudi Arabia without telling the puppet government. They are the same people who are messing with Iraq today. Let us put our hands under our chins and wait until the Iranian masses rise up and overthrow the devil and his pretty face.

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