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Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Yesterday I passed by the Coptic Cathederal. I looked at its gates and I saw the throngs of demonstrators were still there!!! They placed banners over the gate but I couldn't get close enough to read them. Besides I was in a car and so I just drove by. About 20 massive police trucks were parked outside and security policemen carrying sticks and shields were cordoning the area lest the protestors leak outside the gate.

The situation appears to be very grave and serious. I am not sure about what the government and the Coptic clergy are doing to solve this issue.

It's strange however that when Christians want to complain they go to their catherdral and their pope. And when Muslims want to complain, they go to the mosque. I totally understand the reason for this. There is no government. There is no government to listen to its people. We don't have a congress. The parliament is stuffed by a group of corrupt politicians and filthy rich multimillionaires who disappear from the public'c face once they bribe their way towards the parliament seat. In addition, the government is the sole owner of this country. The parliament is useless.


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