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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Will Iraq Work?

The situation in Iraq is very serious and getting worse day by day. The Salafi/Wahabi/Baathist animals in Iraq are doing anything to stop any progress even if this progress is coming from a power station in Baghdad. I admit that I have never seen such nihilism and brutality like what I’m seeing in Iraq. It is just like the Lebanon war. The facts are confusing and all what you see is people who constitute a vast minority are killing people who constitute the vast majority.

Just yesterday the animals killed the daughter of Iraq’s former president Abdul Salam Aref. Why would anyone kill a daughter of a president who was dead over 40 years ago? They not only killed her, they killed her husband and kidnapped her 22 years old son. Imagine what this young man is feeling now? He was just kidnapped by people who killed his parents right in front of his very eyes. God, I’m feeling sick.

The question still remains: why didn’t the US foresee all this? I have the feeling that the US started the invasion with hopes that turned out to be true and hopes that turned out to be false. The majority of Iraqis did welcome US as liberators (that was only in April 2003, forget that now), the majority of Iraqis wanted Saddam out and they were willing to accept US help, the majority of Iraqis want democracy and want to live in peace like everyone else on the face of this planet.

However, the US also hoped that Syria will behave and not harbor Baathist leaders nor allow terrorists to infiltrate inside Iraq, that Iran will behave and not interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs, that those who benefited from Saddam’s rule will suddenly accept Sistani’s rule with open arms. Those hopes turned out to be false and we are paying the price now.

The very sad part of the story is America’s habit of missing several “signals” that could have saved her a lot of trouble. Clinton missed the “signal” of catching Bin Laden when he was in Sudan and allowed him to flee from right under his finger nails. Clinton and Bush missed the “signal” that suddenly out of the blue several Middle Eastern men decided to learn how to fly at the same time and so couldn’t stop 911. The Bush Defense Department missed the “signal” coming from a reputed general of said that at least half a million US troops were needed in Iraq and so the US failed to stop the looting, failed to close the borders, and failed to fully occupy the Sunni triangle. The Bush administration failed to read former CIA agent Robert Baer’s book “See No Evil” before the Iraq war to discover that Iran too wanted Saddam gone and so failed to ask the question of how will Iran react after regime change in Iraq and why did Iran want Saddam gone in the first place.

I am not putting all Iraq’s problems on US shoulders, but I am just disappointed that the strongest country on earth didn’t see the whole picture, it namely saw no evil.

Will Iraq work? It has to. Failure is not an option.


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