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Sunday, January 02, 2005


The respected pan-Arab newspaper Al Sharq Al Awsat said today that it saw a video showing Saddam Hussein son Uday in a meeting with the former general manager of Al Jazeerah Mohammed Jasim Alali! In the tape that was taped in 2000, Uday commented on the positive performance of the channel and Mohammed Jasim responded by telling him that “this is your channel” It is worth mentioning that the Emir of Qatar fired Mohammed Jasim right after the Iraq war!!!!

Uday also mentioned the name of Ahmed Mansour, the famous Muslim Brotherhood members who works in Al Jazeera. Mansour was the spear head of Al Jazeera’s propaganda during the first Fallujah invasion last April.

Al Sharq Al Awsat saw the video tape at the US sponsored Arabic news channel Al Hurra. Al Hurra will show the tape in its entirety next Thursday.

A lot was mentioned in Al Sharq Al Awsat’s report today. I just cannot mention everything here. I hope the western media picks up this mega story and reports it. If you can understand Arabic, you can read the full article here

I do have a comment on this issue. I really don’t want Al Hurra to be the channel that shows this video. Al Hurra is viewed with immense skepticism in the Arab world even though I personally believe that it improved a lot as far as professional journalism is concerned. In addition, many Arabs will think that this video was fabricated at Langley, VA (i.e the CIA). If there was a channel that really ought to show this tape, it is any channel in Iraq. I really recommend giving this tape to Al Fayhaa or Al Iraqiya so that they broadcast it inside Iraq. Foreign channels will pick the story from them. This tape was found in Iraq, it is an Iraqi property.

Are we witnessing the end of the radical gang that controls Al Jazeera? I hope so. See I would be very disappointed if Al Jazeera went off air. I don’t want that. I just want a “regime change” of Al Jazeera’s top management a la Al Arabiya.


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