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Monday, January 03, 2005

A conversation with the office boys

Yesterday I was the last one to leave my office. When I finished work I switched off my computer and packed my stuff and got ready to leave. Two of the office boys that work in my floor entered my office with a request.

“Mr., show us the Abu Ghraib pictures on the internet please” they demanded.
“Sorry folks, I just switched off my computer and I’m ready to leave” I answered
“Please, please, switch it back on. We always get you your morning coffee on time, now do us this little favor” they said.
I switched my computer on and logged on to my blog. I showed them the picture of the terrorists who shot 2 Iraqi election workers on Haifa street in Baghdad.
“Here” I said.
“This is not the Abu Ghraib pictures” they said in a dismayed way.
“What do you see? Who is this man with the gun and who is he killing?” I asked.
“He is an Iraqi. He is killing another Iraqi from a different race. Now show us the Abu Ghraib pictures” one of them answered.
“He is a terrorist and he is killing 2 election workers who are organizing an election that the vast majority of Iraqis want. To me, this picture is much more important than Abu Ghraib because in this picture we can see 2 terrorists trying to destroy the future of millions upon millions of Iraqis” I answered back.

I switched off my computer and left my office. They were upset and told me that they won’t make me coffee tomorrow morning.

My friends are innocent. They are victims of a crazy media that publishes endless Abu Ghraib pictures yet treat those 2 Iraqi heroes who gave up their lives on Haifa street as 2 street cats that got crushed by a speedy car in downtown Cairo.


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