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Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Double Standards

Everyone here is proud of the Palestinians. They managed to conduct an OK election under difficult circumstances. Even though radical groups such as Hamas and Jihad disputed the results (so that they can be free to kill Israelis and blackmail Abu Mazen's efforts), the Egyptian media rightfully showered the Palestinians with praise.

The Egyptian media and intellectual establishment are not the only ones happy, the UN is happy, the EU is happy, the Arab League is happy, and Jimmy Carter is happy as well.

Yesterday I picked up an Egyptian newspaper that is ferociously anti-America and read this headline: Palestinian Democracy Under Occupation. The newspaper wanted to say that despite the Israeli occupation, the Palestinians managed to carry out a good election. This is so interesting because the same praise is never and will never be directed towards Iraqis.

The majority of Iraqis will participate in the elections, the vast majority of Iraqis believe in this process, and many average Sunnis will stay home on January 30 not because they are boycotting the elections but because they are afraid lest Baathists/Salafists/Wahabi animals plant a car bomb into their polling line, yet our Arab media still disputes the Iraqi elections and prophecy that America will manipulate the results and install its "puppet".

Why are Iraqis treated differently from their Palestinian counterparts? Because America is involved in Iraq and America has the same interests as the average Iraqi on the street. If George W. Bush woke up tomorrow morning and demanded that the Iraqi elections be cancelled, all Arab journalists and "intellectuals" will suddenly support Iraq's elections!

Palestine is under occupation and Iraq is under "occupation", why accept the elections in Palestine and ridicule the one in Iraq?


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