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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Egypt’s Presidential Elections?!

3 famous Egyptian personalities want President Mubarak’s job next September. Egypt’s top women rights defender Nawal El Saadawi, democracy and human rights advocate Saad El Din Ibrahim, and a businessman announced that they would challenge Muabark this coming September. The funny thing is that what they are doing is totally against the constitution. The constitution states that the candidates can run for office only after a sitting president fails in the national referendum. In addition, the candidate must receive two thirds of the votes in the Egyptian parliament. And since the NDP, Mubarak’s party, controls about 95% of the parliament, no one from Egypt’s 70 million population has a chance.

Well, what do I think about all this? First, the 3 “dreaming candidates” announced their bid just to rock the boat. Critics of the government demand that the constitution should be amended to allow more than one candidate to run at the same time.

Well, very few Egyptians are paying attention to these recent developments. In fact, very few do even participate in these referendums. They are busy putting food on the table.


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