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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I never thought that this would make it to the New York Times!!!! The story is all over the news here.

The story exploded because of 3 reasons. First, we all know that sex sells! Second, the young man is a famous actor born into a family of famous movie stars. Third, he is associated with Amr Khaled, a rising Muslim preacher who wears a suit and tailors his messages to Egypt’s upper class. Khaled lives in London now after the government presumably forced him out of the country after being alarmed from his rising popularity and influence over Egypt’s most critical segment of the society.

Views on this story vary considerably here. Some side with the girl saying that she was a victim. Others decry her immoral behavior. In our Eastern countries, more blame tends to fall on the girl’s shoulders (you know, the Pharisees brought the adulteress to Jesus and left the adulterer behind). Fans of Ahmed El Feshawy say that this was a set up aimed at tarnishing his reputation. Other conspiracy minded Egyptians claim that the government was involved in this scandal to indirectly hit Amr Khaled and other young hip Muslim preachers who are becoming very popular with Egyptian youth.

I believe we will never know the truth! Ahmed refused to have a DNA test when the baby girl arrived last October citing that he is not the husband and so he won’t submit to the test. I believe that somehow the couple will reach a deal whether the girl turned out to be his daughter or not. In addition, Ahmed might have decided to continue through the long judiciary process because he knows that he might get out of this scandal one way or another. I don’t know, I might be wrong, but I just can’t believe that we will know the truth so easily.


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