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Monday, January 24, 2005

I Took Action

Today I woke up a little bit late since I took Sunday off from work because of the Eid. I grabbed the paper and sat down to read it while having my morning coffee. They had a report about next week's Iraqi elections on double spread pages. The main headline said: Iraq's Elections, No Legality, No Authenticity, No Democracy. There was a huge picture of Ayad Allawi sitting on a throne. Bush's face was above the throne and his hands were holding it. The picture meant that Bush will eventually enthrone "his candidate" on Iraq's throne no matter what the elections results turn out to be.

I got furious and did something that I really wanted to do for a long time. I jumped out of my table, grabbed the phone, and called the paper! I asked for Mrs. MN, the reviewer of this report.

GM: hello, can I speak to Mrs. MN?
Operator: Just a second.
Man: hello
GM: yes, can I speak to Mrs. MN?
Man: I am afraid she's not in the office at the moment, who is with me?
GM: I just wanted to talk to her
Man: Do you have a comment on today's page sir?
GM: Yes. In today's report the headline said that Iraq's elections won't be democratic or authentic or legal. My question is: why was Palestine's election considered democratic, authentic, and legal by your respected newspaper? Why the double standards?
Man: So do you agree with this election?
GM: It is not me who agrees, it is the majority of Iraqis. The majority of Shias, Kurds, and many Sunnis want this election. My question is: why treat Iraq differently? Palestine is under Israeli occupation and your newspaper said absolutely nothing about the legality or the authenticity of the elections there.
Man: Oh sir, we just looked at the issue from a western point of view. We said that America will install its own ruler.
GM: Well, why look at it from a western point of view, why not from an Iraqi point of view!!!! Iraq's major Shia religious establishment is behind this election and they want it. It's not a matter of America wanting it or not, it's a matter of who wants it in Iraq. The Shias, who are a majority, all Kurds, and many Sunnis, want this election. Who are we to tell them what they should want???
Man: So you do you think will win? Allawi?
GM: I don't think Allawi will be a big winner because many are disappointed with the performance of his government. However, it is very clear that Sistani's list will win big time.
Man: Well, please give me your name and phone number and I will pass your comments to Mrs. MN. Next Sunday we will have another report on the same topic. We might call you to get your insights.
GM: I'd be happy to do so. Thanks a million for giving me your time.


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