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Thursday, January 06, 2005

No, I didn't lose my mind. Today is Christmas eve for Egypt's Christians and the Christians of the East. Their Christmas is on January 7. I don't know much about what caused this difference. All what I know is that Christians around the world celebrated Christmas at the same time. A king called Gregory abopted a new calendar that eastern Christian didn't adopt.
Today millions of Christians in Egypt go to the Christmas mass in church. January 7 became a national holiday 3 years ago. The main mass is broadcasted live to Egyptian national TV and Radio. Government officials, prominent people, and foreign delegates attend this mass that is conducted by Pope Shenouda. Gamal Mubarak (the Prez's son) also attends both the Christmas and Easter masses.

Joke of the day

Since it's Christmas here, I'd like to tell you a real joke. A students was harassed by his professor for writing an essay that praised the founding fathers of the USA. Well, this student is not an ultraconservative, right winger, redneck, etc.. He is not even an American! He is a Kuwaiti


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